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ChatterBoards is an easy to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aid for people of any age who have speech or language difficulties.

This can include people with autism, aphasia, apraxia, stroke, downs syndrome, or any other disability that causes the individual to have difficulties in communicating or expressing their needs.

Chatterboards was professionally developed, in collaboration with Speech Therapists and end users, with the aim of providing people in need with an AAC app that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars or require monthly subscriptions.

An AAC app that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars or require monthly subscriptions!

Supports all iPhone and iPad devices!

Professionally Developed, Fully Featured AAC Solution

Constantly being updated with new user requested features

For a full list of features see the Apple AppStore listing


Create vocabulary boards for sentence creation, or create basic phrase boards for quick use!


Full iOS text to speech language support, including multiple voices. Or use your microphone to record your own voice!


Choose from over 4000 provided symbols, or use your device photo library or camera!


Create and switch between different profiles, each with their own set of boards and settings!


Share boards with other users of ChatterBoards. Use Apple AirDrop, Mail, Message, or any other valid installed application on your device!

Lock Controls

Lock editing controls to stop end users changing boards or settings during use!

We to help and get feedback!

Email us at anytime at for help or to provide feedback and feature requests.

Also check out our youtube channel for video guides.